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Freestone Studio

I became an artist late in life.The urge to produce with my hands reared its head and demanded freedom in my fifties. Life teaches me, while experience furnishes a picture’s emotion.My passion for living is reflected in my paintings. I use the texture, detail, form and color in my surroundings incorporating them into my art.Paintings stand in line in my mind waiting for my hands to give them life.As the brush spreads color across the board the image immerges into a life of its own.The rich colors and textures of my paintings reflect my close ties to nature and Idaho ’s varied landscapes.

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Molten Heart

Medium melts, puddles, spreads on the hot steel palette, eighteen inches of liquid, some clear, portions of sky blue, a baby’s pink flesh, the metallic pewter of granite,some colors disappear into more dominant shades, soundless oozing, the slight tick of the hot plate melting the world away, color, texture, warm beeswax and damar pitch filled with African grass and elephant hair.

Zimbabwe in every stroke of my brush.Botswana speaking through my hands.Dobbing, dragging, scoring, building up, scratching out, razoring down through layers of color, exposing a hint of lemon yellow, a line of viridian, quinacridone magenta and zinc white melt into a gentle lady’s lace.

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